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About Lelon

Lelon is a Spiritual Medium, Empath and Intuitive Life Coach -Counselor and has devoted 30 + years to his Healing Services, which include Private Readings, Hypno-Therapy / Regression Sessions (Removing unconscious Patterns/Blocks), Cord Cutting, Spiritual Intervention (Clearing/Elimination of Negative Energies/Psychic Attack/Spirit Attachments) and Classes and Workshops in a variety of Spiritual/Metaphysical areas, including 6th Sense/Intuitive Development, Psychic/Spiritual Protection and Guided Meditation. 

One of Lelon's strongest gifts is his Clairaudient ability to hear messages from your personal Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in the Higher Realms.


 He has given hundreds of Private Readings and Regression Sessions in his travels, including Tokyo Japan, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West and throughout the US.

Lelon is certified in Regression Therapy by Dick Sutphen and his Institute.  His 12 years of Spiritual/Metaphysical studies in New York City included mentorship with renowned Psychic Medium and Metaphysical teacher, Alexander Murray, as well as with Astrology teacher and author, Betty Lundsted.  Lelon is also an Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek.

Having a Master's Degree in Vocal Performance, Lelon draws on his background in music, as well as his gift of Clairaudience (Psychic Hearing) to compose and sing songs of Healing and Inspiration for his concerts and CDs.

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