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Private Readings (By Phone or In-Person)

You will receive Insight, Clarity, Direction, and Guidance.

Each Reading will include:

  • Tarot Reading Guidance

  • Messages from Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels

  • Your Personal Astrological and Numerology Birth Chart & Cycles Highlighted

                          Standard Fee $150 (Sliding Scale)
Schedule Your  Appointment
(601) 906 - 3329

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy  brings to the surface into your conscious awareness the memories of present and/or past life Events that are currently Blocking you.  These troubling patterns in your life can then be Eliminated and Healed through Release, followed by Reprogramming of the old unconscious Blocks. These sessions also include "Cord Cutting" which eliminates the unwanted influences and effects of relationships and situations in your life that need termination and closure.

Regressions can not be conducted by phone. Must Be In Person.

**Hour to Hour & 1/2 Session - $150 

Spiritual Intervention

Spiritual Intervention Clears and Eliminates Negative Energy, Negative "Cords", Psychic Attack, and/or Negative Spirit Attachments from individuals, homes, businesses, spaces and environments.  Each Intervention ends with Sanctification and Closure/Sacred Sealing (Protection & Shielding). Standard Fee $100.00

                     (Sliding Scale)

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