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Lelon is a highly gifted empath and a deeply intuitive advisor with skills in a variety of counseling and spiritual modalities. He possesses remarkable gifts as a medium and spiritual healer.

I have struggled for many years trying to help an alcoholic son.  Lelon performed several healing sessions and my son has now refocused his addictive personality on exercise and healthy living!  

My professional circumstances necessitated that I worked daily with someone I believed to be truly evil, and I needed to remove this person’s influence from my life. Lelon performed a blessing ritual and shortly after, this person was out of my life.

Lelon has blessed my life greatly with his gifts and abilities and I highly recommend him as a counselor and mystic advisor.

-Christy S.

A Channel of Conscious Confirmation ~ Lelon is fully present with his clients. He embodies spirit on the physical plane while receiving remarkably detailed messages, sights & sounds from the other side.  I gain greater clarity and affirmation of my own “spirit conversations” through the in-depth sharings with Lelon. His ability to see, hear and translate past life incarnations is truly remarkable.


The time I spend with Lelon allows my higher self to become one with my earthly self. This conscious confirmation of who I truly am empowers and strengthens my devotion to living a spirit filled life in a very intimate and meaningful way. Lelon is a divine bridge that helps me make sense of it all.  

-Renee' M.

The information and advice I receive from this incredible medium is such a gift!  Lelon’s gentle touch, combined with his powerful connection to the Universe and his deep compassion for me as a human being all combine into readings of immense power.  I am continually amazed at his ability to see things I cannot yet see, and I deeply appreciate his willingness to share his gifts with me!

-Michele B.

Lelon is such a gift. After a Reading Session with him, I was able to integrate the messages and insights, taking my spiritual path to the next level. His talents amaze me. I’m so grateful to be able to know such a powerful medium and empath . Thanks, Lelon!  

–Peyton W.

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